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Technical SEO is a large branch of the broader set of SEO with a focus on those items not always seen to the untrained eye. Website SEO-related items that are under the hood, technical items so to speak. This is a huge area of concern, underlying is and supporting large sections of the vast SEO framework.In many ways, technical SEO is the scariest of all the areas of SEO. It quite easily gets the average marketer’s pulse racing, and sweating at the thought of some tedious and complicated issue. However, it’s the SEO foundation, one of the 3 pillars of SEO on which everything else is built. If a website has major technical flaws, then no amount of marketing magic can plug the gap and save your website’s search performance.

Google itself has demonstrated a strong technical culture and has documented the importance of quality technical SEO when ranking your website. Clearly, this is an area every online marketer needs to pay attention to. But what does technical optimisation actually involve?

Why Technical SEO is different
The way you approach Technical SEO is fundamentally different. You need to chunk it down to three main areas of focus to help us think about how to approach technical SEO. The areas of focus being:


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