JavaScript SEO Devs and SEOs getting on the same page

Both SEOs and Devs today have a lot to deal with regarding the issues faced when getting JavaScript content indexed by Google. JavaScript websites are becoming a lot more commonplace. It’s certainly no big SEO secret that many of these sites are having issues.

Organic website traffic is a hard-fought and won battle, and sometimes SEOs and Devs have trouble seeing each other’s perspectives. It’s really worth getting to understand each other’s objectives and getting on the same pages so you can solve the many issues which may arise with JavaScript SEO.

Understanding JavaScript SEO
Optimising for JavaScript websites
JavaScript SEO deals with the Technical SEO elements of websites built with JavaScript, particularly how you can make it easier for search engines to crawl, render and index your website.
Both SEOs and Devs need to focus on ways to allow search engines to crawl, render, and index your JavaScript site. That’s essentially what JavaScript SEO is. You need to make it easy for Google to index your site effectively.

As JavaScript websites become ever more more popular, it’s essential that you take the SEO journey to get on the same page with developers. Your website may have been developed with a certain functionality that required JavaScript to achieve it. However, it’s possible the SEO implications may not have been considered, resulting in poor organic search results.

JavaScript Frameworks, Vue, Angular, React
Devs working with JavaScript will already know that it’s a popular web scripting language. Used in conjunction with HTML and CSS, JavaScript allows web pages to have dynamic functionality, which standard HTML pages would not allow for. This functionality includes all kinds of animations and interactivity features, which can only be accomplished with JavaScript.

To achieve this dynamic functionality, many developers are electing to build websites with JavaScript frameworks alongside or instead of using a well-recognised CMS.

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