Building a Culture of SEO in Enterprise Organisations

The covid-19 pandemic has further reinforced the importance of digital marketing to grow a successful business in the current climate. As the CEO for B2C Furniture, I firmly believe that it is absolutely imperative that you build an SEO culture in your organization if you want to future-proof your business.

Ansley Clarke, B2C Furniture
The biggest challenge an experienced SEO specialist encounters when beginning to work with a large enterprise business is making sure everyone is on the same page, whether it be the content creator, business owner, the marketing manager, all the way to the CEO


SEO is one of the hardest marketing skills to master.

Being an SEO specialist is hard enough – the skills you need to learn are:

Critical Thinking
Technical / Web Development
Creative Problem Solving
Project Management
Spreadsheets (Lots of Spreadsheets!)
Also be adaptable, motivated and driven……and a sense of humour doesn’t hurt!

“To me, a willingness to try new things from the business makes the best campaigns” –

Chloe Chiang (SEO Specialist)

Being a complicated marketing channel we’re often coming in after a previous agency, assisting an in-house SEO, or even at times a massive company that has never done SEO before. So in execution of these campaigns we make sure we’re building a culture of SEO within the business to develop the strongest campaign possible. We do this through education, collaboration, and building a strong relationship:

Educating Key Players on SEO

To build a culture of SEO in your organisation you need to educate the team on the importance of SEO and best practices. You need to make sure they are willing to put in the time to learn about SEO before coming up with a plan of action, so that stakeholders are onboard from the beginning.

We start with the Fundamentals of SEO – Technical SEO, Search Intent, and Backlinks. In a broad way to all the key account touchpoints, this opens up a dialogue and gets people’s visibility up on what crosses over with SEO.

Then we start niching down into each area of the business, Technical SEO and more advanced ideas we coordinate with web developers. Content creators are run through how to do keyword research, find topics, and produce content their audience is searching for (rather than what they think their audience wants).

Backlink outreach and authority building to marketing managers, and PR specialists is also taught to the teams.

We’re looking to get more eyeballs in the business to find where the roadblocks are or untapped areas of the business that need to be highlighted.

If you’re using super technical jargon, make sure you translate what you mean for those that have no understanding of what accumulative link growth rate, semantic indexing, sitemaps, 301s, and crawl analysis mean.

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